In the conditions listed here the parties are referred to as following: the rental provider is referred as the “owner”, and the customer as the “tenant”.

In case of booking through a third party (various central offices, Airbnb, etc.), the latter’s terms and conditions replace the owner’s terms and conditions. The owner’s terms and conditions must then be understood and used as terms and conditions (General Conditions of Lease), which must also be complied with.

I. Purpose of the rental

A rental agreement is agreed between the parties by tacit communication of the rental conditions. The purpose of the rental contract is a short-term rental in guest rooms. Consequently, the parties agree that their respective rights and obligations will be governed by the stipulations of the contract, by the decree of 28 December 1976 amended and failing that by the provisions of the Civil Code.

The number of persons mentioned per accommodation in the rates, indicated on the website or on the various Internet distribution media, corresponds to the maximum occupancy allowed given the equipment available. It cannot be exceeded for security and insurance reasons.

II. Designation of accommodation

Bed and Breakfast located Hameau de Prin, 51170 PRIN. Commercial name : SARL DEGERMANN.

Full descriptions of the accommodation are available on the website and on the various Internet distribution media.

The rooms are non-smoking.

III. Reservation

The rental is considered as firm and final upon reception of deposit payment or full rent, according to the modalities provided according to the date of reservation and the date of entry into the premises. In case of absence or late payment of the stay, the owner can cancel the reservation.

Upon receipt of payment, the tenant will receive a booking confirmation by email in the following days, containing all practical information of the stay.

IV. Rental prices and charges

Rental prices are indicated either:

  • On the intermediary’s website (various central offices, Airbnb, etc)
  • On the owner’s website for direct rentals ( on the Contact and Reservations pages and on the various distribution media on the Internet. These rates include all taxes and city taxes. The rates displayed on the owner’s website are free of commission from booking sites.

An additional fee will be required for special request such as supplementary beds. The additional fee is indicated on price plate in rooms and in the premises.

The price includes, for the duration of the rental, the payment of the rental charges and available supplies mentioned below:

  • Water,
  • Electricity and heating,
  • Internet access and TV,
  • Supply of bed and toilet linen, unless agreed between the parties.

The price also includes breakfast except for the tower rental.

All snacks or additional requests will be subject to a surcharge according to the rates indicated on price plate in rooms and premises.

Since July 1, 2015, all food service establishments are required to inform the consumer, in written form, in a legible and visible way, of places where the public is admitted, of the possible presence of allergens in their dishes. The choice of presentation of the written information is left to the professional’s discretion. Therefore the owner specifies :

« Because of the nature of our work environment, all allergens can be present in all our dishes. We invite people with allergies to inform us beforehand of their allergies ».

It is forbidden to introduce alcohol into the establishment without the prior consent of the owner.

The tenant is not allowed of using the kitchen in order to prepare their own meals.

V. Payment methods for direct bookings

Booking on website prior date of arrival:

  • 100% of the amount of the stay to be paid at the time of booking.

Application fee: not charged.

VI. Payment methods accepted

  • Bank transfer on the RIB provided by the owner.
  • CB with the owner or on the website
  • Cash in euros.

VII. Duration of the vacation rental

Whatever the duration of the stay is specified in the contract, the owner rents the accommodation to the tenant for an arrival from 4 pm until 9 pm and for a departure at the latest at 12 pm. The tenant expressly undertakes to have fully vacated the accommodation by 12 pm at the latest. The arrival and departure times can be modulated by agreement of the parties and exceptionally according to the possibilities of the owner.

Breakfast is to be taken between 7am and 10am.

Under no circumstances may the tenant claim any right or retention in the premises at the end of the period provided for in this contract, except with the agreement of the owner.

VIII. Children’s safety

In private spaces, as in common spaces, the children who accompany the tenant remain under full supervision and responsibility of the tenant.

IX. Animals

Accommodations cannot accommodate animals.

X. Amendment – assignment and sublease

The rental contract is concluded intuitu personae for the benefit of the only identified tenant. The rental can in no case benefit to third parties, unless prior agreement of the owner. Any assignment, any total or partial subletting, any other provision, even free, are strictly prohibited under penalty of termination.

The tenant will not be able to leave the layout of the premises, even free and/or by loan, to a foreign person at his home. The full amount of the rent remains acquired or due to the owner.

Any changes requested in terms of dates, location, duration, number of persons or family composition must be validated by the owner. If necessary, it may be the subject of additional invoicing.

XI. Inventory

The owner will provide the accommodation according to his description on the website or on the various Internet distribution media and will keep it in a state of service.

The cleaning is done by the owner and the rooms must be properly rendered by the tenant in respect of the premises.

As hosts, we are committed to providing a clean accommodation.

For your part, we thank you for respecting the hygiene rules of common life: leave your shoes at the entrance, wash your hands before and after each meal, do not consume food in the rooms.

XII. Damage charge

If the owner finds significant damage, these can be charged according to an amount determined by mutual agreement between the owner and the tenant. In case of dispute, a quote will be made by a professional or an authorised organization, solicited by the tenant before his departure or, failing that, by the owner when he leaves the premises. Damage must be declared to the owner’s and tenant’s insurance.

The following fees may also be applied:

  • In case of stained and non-reusable linen: 20 € per towel and 40 € per sheet.
  • In case of non-restitution of the premises in the state of cleanliness and storage in which they will have been rented: 60 €*

*The cost of maintenance, linens, preparation of the premises, beds made on arrival etc… represent a value of €60 including taxes. This 60€ fee is free of charge to the tenant. In return, the tenant undertakes to return the premises to the state as specified in the chapter “State of the premises”

XIII. Cancellations for direct bookings

By the owner

In case of cancellation by the owner, he reverses to the tenant the full amount of the sums paid in advance.

By the tenant

  • Cancellation within 48 hours before the date of arrival: the owner keeps the entire payment of the stay.
  • Cancellation before 48 hours prior arrival: Free cancellation

In addition, if the tenant does not show up on the day of entry and does not show up within 24 hours, the rental contract becomes void, the landlord disposes of the accommodation and all the sums paid remain acquired.

During the stay, in case of stay shortened by the tenant, the price of the rental remains acquired by the owner. No refund will be made.

The tenant is free to subscribe to a cancellation insurance of his choice.

XIV. Insurance

The tenant is obliged to insure in Civil Liability the premises rented to himself and all the occupants. He must check if his main housing contract provides for resort extension (vacation rental) by a comprehensive insurance to protect against rental risks (water damage, fire, etc.). Otherwise, he must intervene with his insurance company and demand the extension of guarantee.

An insurance certificate may be requested by the owner when entering the premises.

It is recommended not to leave valuables in accommodation.

XV. Termination as of right

In the event of a breach by the tenant of one of the contractual obligations set out in the General Terms and Conditions, the lease will be automatically terminated.

XVI. Domicile election

For the performance of these terms, the owner and the tenant elect domicile in their respective homes. However, in case of dispute, the consumer may seize either one of the courts with territorial jurisdiction under the Code of Civil Procedure, or his living place’s court at the conclusion of the contract’s time or the occurrence of the event.

XVII. Commercial Claims

According to the legislation, for any commercial dispute the tenant can initiate a mediation procedure according to the following process:

  • In case of booking by an Online Tourism Agency (OTA) such as Airbnb or the customer can make a request on the operator’s website.
  • In case of reservation directly to SARL DEGERMANN the complaint must be sent by registered letter with A.R. within 15 days following the stay to the following address: SARL DEGERMANN, 29 Rue Laurent Déramez, 51100 REIMS.
  • SARL DEGERMANN undertakes to provide a response within 15 days
  • If no or unsatisfactory response after 15 days: referral to the Ombudsman
  • In accordance with the provisions of Articles L. 612-1 etc. of the consumer code, any consumer has the right to have free recourse to a consumer mediator in order to find an amicable resolution of the dispute between him and the professional. SARL DEGERMANN guarantees the consumer the use of a consumer mediation system. The methods according to which the mediation process in implemented are specifies by decree in the state Council.

SAS MEDIATION Solution consommation
222, chemin de la bergerie
Siret 83286956400019
Tel. 04 82 53 93 06
Email :
Site :

XVIII. Internet trust charter

«No illegal downloading of copyrighted works, but also no visits to sites whose content is prohibited such as pornography, paedophilia, racism, incitement to violence, violation of human dignity. »

The tenant hereby undertakes to comply with the terms of this HADOPI Law. The tenant agrees on honour to respect this charter and releases the owner of any responsibility regarding the use he will make of the internet directly or indirectly. The WIFI access code is personal and cannot be transmitted to a third party without the owner’s consent.

The tenant is responsible for the use of the internet access provided during the rental period. Navigation is under the sole responsibility of the tenant. It is forbidden to consult web pages whose content is prohibited such as pornography, pedophilia, racism, incitement to violence. All activities on the Internet are recorded and can be checked in case of “suspicion of abuse”.

The tenant, user of Internet access, agrees not to use this access for the purposes of reproduction, representation, provision or communication to the public of works or objects protected by copyright or by a related right, such as texts, images, photographs, musical works, audiovisual works, software and video games, without authorization.

The tenant, user of the Internet connection, is informed that a sharing software, when connected to the Internet, can automatically make available downloaded files. If sharing software has been used to download copyrighted works, it is therefore preferable to disable it.

The tenant is also required to comply with the security policy defined by the owner as well as the rules for using the network and computer equipment. The tenant, user of Internet access, may be held criminally liable and may be charged with an infringement offence (Article L. 335-3 of the Intellectual Property Code).

The offence of counterfeiting: any reproduction, representation or exploitation of an object protected by an intellectual property right carried out without authorization of the rights holders or the law constitutes an act of counterfeiting. Counterfeiting is a criminal and civil offence, punishable by a maximum of three years in prison and a fine of €300,000.

The tenant recognizes that he is solely responsible for Internet connections during his stay. The use of the access codes and the signing of this contract, is valid for agreement. In case of violation of the legislation, the owner will be obliged to give the tenant’s contact details to the authorities.

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