the largest enclosed forest park in Europe


Chambord is the largest of the Loire Valley castles. Around the imposing central castle, there are many architectural features in the park, all listed as historical monuments. But beyond all that has already been written about the majesty of the place, about the magnificence of the castle, we can focus on the exceptional character of the forest that surrounds the castle.

Chambord is quite simply the largest enclosed forest park in Europe (about 50 km² surrounded by a 32 km long wall). An emblem of the French Renaissance throughout the world, the castle cannot be dissociated from its natural environment. The Domaine de Chambord is home to an exceptional fauna of which deer and wild boar are the emblematic species. There is a very rich bird population: 150 species.

The Domaine de Prin pursues this same quest for harmony: to associate the refined architecture and art of Man with flamboyant and generous Nature.


The Chambord bedroom

At the Domaine de Prin, the past happily combines with modernity and comfort in discreet luxury for a stay full of pleasure and tranquillity. This characteristic guest house benefits from a refined decoration combining the charm of the old with more contemporary elements. 

This room could have been called the Francis I room, but we wanted to make it part of a tribute to the place rather than to one of its most distinguished occupants. In Chambord, the Salamander is topped with a crown bearing the motto Nutrisco et Extinguo, which means “I feed on the good fire and extinguish the bad”. These little touches of fire are the flamboyant purple and pink flames that can be found here and there in the Chambord room. Also echoing Leonardo da Vinci’s Tuscany, this purple blends with the royal white, a symbol of purity and majesty. 

But the Chambord room also takes its name from the homage to nature and the magnificent park surrounding the royal residence of the Loire Valley. Our park has the modest ambition of being a similar setting to the Château de Prin which houses our guest rooms.

• TV
• Wifi
• Private bathroom and toilet
• Hair dryer
• Heated towel rail
• Breakfast included

Arrival times from 5 PM onwards with departure possible up until 11 AM.