The story of a fateful meeting


It all began one fine spring morning with an unplanned visit to an old château, which had been abandoned for decades.

Time had left its scars, but the 17th century towers still watched proudly over the site, located on the edge of a 65-hectare forest. Nature had reclaimed the site years ago and had invaded both the château and its outbuildings.

The sun was shining that morning and despite the numerous obstacles littering the alleyways where brambles still barred our access, we stood in silence and admired this magnificent building which had welcomed Cardinal de Richelieu in its day, and this breath-taking scene in which Mother Nature beckoned us with her leafy arms and echoes of the past seemed to ring in our ears.

The sheer magic of the site was not lost upon us… And on that fine spring morning we took a decision: this ancient property would be brought back to life. The result is the Domaine de Prin…

Charming B&B bedrooms in Champagne
The Domaine de Prin

Close to the A4 motorway,
and hour and fifteen minutes from Paris,
fifteen minutes from Reims and the prestigious Champagne vineyards

Welcome to the Domaine de Prin (The Prin Estate). Immerse yourself in this timeless setting, where you can take the time to live and to catch your breath in a busy world.

The estate welcomes you with its grand turret and its two magnificent towers dating from 1636, its charming building erected on the foundations of the former château, its farm, its ponds and its 70-hectares of grounds, where the estate’s animals wander without a care.

Ringed by low walls, surrounded by ponds and forests, the Domaine de Prin offers a haven of peace and privacy for your stay.

At the Domaine de Prin, the past combines marvellously with modernity and comfort in a discreetly luxurious setting for a pleasant and peaceful stay. Brimming with character, this B&B features a refined decorative scheme including all the charm of antique and period features. 

Our B&B bedrooms

If you are keen to experience the tranquillity of our countryside
and all the comforts so vital to a genuinely relaxing stay, our B&B bedrooms offer a cosy and refined atmosphere.
You’ll instantly feel at home in these peaceful and discreet surroundings
The Marie-Antoinette bedroom

Featuring an elegant and comfortable decor, this room is a fitting tribute to a woman synonymous with refinement and a leisurely pace of life…

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The Louis XVI bedroom

Refined decor and comfort, tribute to all French, a studious man and scholar …

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The Josephine bedroom

Calm and sensual luxury, in the footsteps of the Empress of Arts and Nature…

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The Chambord bedroom

A guestroom with a nod to the illustrious Domaine de Chambord, symbol of the harmony between heritage and nature, a nest of elegance and comfort

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The estate and its surroundings

The Domaine de Prin: an outstanding architectural site in a leafy setting.
Stone, fauna and flora combine harmoniously to form the decorative backdrop for your stay.
Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay in the heart of Champagne and near Paris.
Within easy reach of the estate, you can discover the Champagne region’s vineyards, and its cultural, historical and culinary heritage.

Discover the Domaine de Prin’s history, and the well-preserved heritage of its past.

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The château & its outbuildings

Discover the Domaine de Prin’s architectural heritage

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The grounds

Discover the 70 hectares of forest, pastures and ponds surrounding the château.

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Around the estate

Activities, places to go and things to see near the Domaine de Prin

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An authentic natural environment
right outside your bedroom


Comfort and cosiness
Tranquillity and luxury

10 minutes from the A4
1 hour 15 minutes from Paris

Champagne’s peaceful countryside
is just a stone’s throw away


An architectural treasure
in a leafy setting