A history dating back four centuries

The first Château de Prin was built in 1612 by Nicolas Thiriet.

Numerous lords, marquesses, counts and countesses lived here before the property became the current Domaine de Prin.

Cardinal de Richelieu stayed here from July 13-26, 1641 during his stay in Reims accompanying King Louis XIII.

Destroyed by the Germans in 1918 during the First World War, it was rebuilt on a more modest scale between 1925 and 1928.

It was subsequently used as a “Reception centre for orphans” in the Second World War and later as a holiday camp for children.


Cardinal de Richelieu stayed here from July 13-26, 1641



Of the 17th century château, there nevertheless still remains the tower once known as the “Tour du Guetteur” (Lookout Tower). The “lookout” had his bedroom here, and this building’s position allowed him to keep watch over the château entrance.

The terraces surrounding the château are still visible today. The first of these, alongside the pond, is supported by a fortified stone wall. Towers stand at either end. One of these, known as “La Malgouverne” was once the home of the gardener.

The second was used as a chapel and according to anecdotes from the time it was under the direct control of the monastery of Saint Rémi in Reims.
According to legend, an underground passage directly connected the Château de Prin to Igny Abbey. The nuns were said to have used it to escape the Germans during the First World War.