The château de Prin, an architectural jewel in a leafy setting

Around the Renaissance-style château built between 1925 and 1928 following the destruction of the original château, the towers built in the 17th century are still proudly standing, including the Tour du Guetteur and La Malgouverne. The traces of the past can still be found there today in the inscriptions carved into the stone. Just a stone’s throw from the château de Prin, a stable, a sheepfold and a farm give the estate a pleasant added rustic touch.


When the moon appeared over this château, with one side illuminated and the other painted black,
I felt I was seeing two different times, in a confusion of nature. On one side the day and on the other the dark night.
What a miracle! That here the day and the night silently coexist and share the same place! (Saint Sorlin)